About The Fountain of life Church Partnership Program

Transforming convictions into global impact through generous contributions .

The Circle of Legacy builders is a community of Partners dedicated to equipping the Fountain of Life Church to do all that we have been called to do locally and global through financial contributions. People with a conviction to see the kingdom of God advance through their generosity.

Foundational Builders are the cornerstone of our partnership, representing unwavering support and commitment. Their monthly contributions range from:

$10 to $49
£10 to £49
₦10,000 to ₦49,000

These lay the groundwork for the success of our shared endeavors. By becoming a Foundational Builder, you showcase your dedication to the fundamental values and goals that underpin our collaborative efforts.

Pillar Builders form a resilient support structure that elevates our collaboration to new heights. Their monthly contributions range from:

$50 to $349
£50 to £349
₦50,000 to ₦349,000

These signify a deeper level of commitment, fortifying our shared vision. As a Pillar Builder, you make a substantial impact, providing the essential backing that enables us to reach ambitious milestones. Your support acts as a pillar, upholding the collective success of our partnership.

Visionary Builders embody the spirit of foresight and belief in the church's vision and future Their monthly contributions start from:

$350 and above
£350 and above
₦350,000 and above

These are instrumental in propelling us toward unparalleled achievements. As a Visionary Builder, you play a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of our partnership. Specific exclusive benefits and opportunities for Visionary Builders will be shared with those who desire to make such contributions.

As a legacy church with a growing online community, we are upgrading certain aspects, which include sound systems, HD cameras, IT servers, and facility repairs to ensure seamless services and comfort for our congregation.

What are the benefits of becoming a partner?

  • Free access to a subscription-based weekly podcast.

  • Annual partnership connect across the US, UK, and Canada.

  • Monthly partnership Zoom meeting.

  • Autographed books.

Frequently asked questions

If you miss a monthly partnership Zoom meeting, don't worry! We often record these sessions, and you can access the recordings at your convenience on our platform.

Autographed books are sent out periodically to our members. Ensure that your shipping information is up-to-date in your account settings, and you'll automatically receive these exclusive benefits.

To cancel your subscription, please contact our support team at partners@tfolc.org for assistance.

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